About us

Behind each Tertulia there is a story of how everything started.

 Back to 2016, in Caracas (Venezuela) we emerge as the result of hope, creativity and the utopic feeling of bringing the best of our country through our designs. That’s how Andrea Tovar y Emilse Arismendi (mother and daughter) decided to give the leap of faith, without knowing how the effect Tertulia would be, but trusting in themselves and the power to show off in the harder moments. 

 We growth so fast in Venezuela, our expectations always were to make beautiful bags but with meaning, with good vibes. That’s how in each piece we imprint the best of ourselves, we give our love, our soul and our best energy to each of our #TertuliaLovers.  In the meantime, we got more than 20 partner stores, who believed in us in Venezuela, and  15 stores internationally around the globe: United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and many more. 

Behind Tertulia 

Why the lotus flower?

Lotus flowers grow in a challenging environment, such as wetlands and usually grow in the mud. The lotus flower in our logo is a symbolism of the resilience of our designers. By the time we created Tertulia, Venezuela was going through a very hard time economically and socially. Even though, nobody was betting for our country, we did it and that’s how we were pioneers in the emerging fashion industry in Venezuela. 

The lotus flower reminds us that no matter what, we have all we need to keep moving forward, to adapt ourselves and to bring magic to reality with each of our Tertulias.