Collection: EUPHORIA

EUPHORIA is our new collection that arises as a response to the changes that we have been experiencing in recent times at a collective, social, and personal levels, which has invited us to get in touch with our own essence, our inner self, with the divinity that dwells in each one of us, leaving aside everything that previously distracted us from our true being and our true life mission.

Hence, as women, we are more than a weight, a face, measurements or self-sufficiency itself. We are women with lights and shadows, where for a long time we assumed false ideals of perfection, losing sight of the fact that perfection itself already lives within each one of us. Understanding this perfection as the total acceptance of your true being, your shadows and your lights, integrating them as the most special within you and leading you to experience universal love towards your true essence, without social limits or obsolete parameters.


Today, we speak to those women who are not afraid to connect with their own magic, those who are willing to assume their own essence and, of course, wear an accessory as different as each one is for herself.

EUPHORIA is a limited collection, made up of 44 intervened pieces signed by its designers and creators Andrea Tovar and Emilse Arismendi. Each one of them is inspired by the archetype of feminine energy, where the one stroke technique is combined with drips, using the best quality leather from Argentina as our Canvas, with silver details that can be appreciated in each model and in vibrant colors.